February 23, 2024

Blonde amateur casting call ends with a Cum Fest

Stephanie takes the opportunity to answer an ad for a blonde amateur crew. She continues her lunch hour and lets the photographer know that her time is limited. He says fine, no problem and leads her into the studio.

But the studio for her casting test turns out to be a bedroom. Stephanie hesitates. The photographer assures her it’s fine and shows her all the cameras and lights set up inside it. It didn’t take much to convince her to stay and get on with it.

Stephanie stands at the white wall for her camera test. He compliments her on her sweet smile. She looks cute and healthy as she says her lines. The photographer then asks her to unbutton the top of the dress. Despite her uncertainty, Stephanie does as she is told. But it’s not enough. He wants her to show more skin and be more seductive.

He assures her that the video is for the producer’s eyes only. Convinced, Stephanie opens up more. Her breasts peeking out over the bra top show that they are huge. So our photographer can’t help but comment on how amazing she looks.

She starts blushing.

Well, his soothing voice and compliments seem to give Stephanie the confidence to let out her wild side. Soon enough, her quick lunchtime blonde amateur casting call turns into a fan fest.

Stephanie kneels in front of him and lets him touch her breasts over her bra. She looks excited by what he is doing. She gets even more excited when she releases his hard cock from his pants. Its size excites her a lot and she starts sucking it with great enthusiasm. After some licking and sucking on it, she is more than willing to make him fuck in her mouth. So much so, he wants to see her gag as she deepthroats his hard cock.

Right before his eyes, she transforms into his little slave girl ready to do his bidding. No doubt about it, Stephanie is now his dirty girl. He orders her to lick his balls and his ass. Stephanie can’t help but admire how big his cock is and sucks it even more. Excited, he orders her to take off the rest of her clothes and then show him how she plays with her pussy when she is alone.

As it turns out, our once shy Stephanie is a minx in bed! She looks like a pro playing with her clitoris while giving him a hand job.

While you can’t see on camera what he’s doing, her ecstatic screams and moans show how much she’s enjoying it. But you might guess what it is, especially when his hands reach up to play with her big breasts.

Stephanie gets wilder and asks him to fuck her. He eagerly pounds her – hard and fast. He slows it down but fucks her even harder than before. And to your luck, the guy before the camera also smashes Stephanie’s asshole hard. First casting and already doing anal? Good girl!

Next, he commands her to play with her pussy as he beats her. The blonde amateur casting call ends in an explosive blowjob with Stephanie swallowing her virginity and enjoying every drop of it.